2018 Impact 10 Development Training Individual Registration  Lacrosse · Male Advanced

Summer 2018
2018-06-08 00:00:00.0 at 2018-06-08 17:00:00.0
2018-06-10 00:00:00.0 at 2018-06-10 13:00:00.0
Registration Dates:
2017-12-08 – 2018-06-10 regular
Redwood High School
Individual Fees
Regular 275.0 + 4.0% Processing Fee

Developmental training focuses on developing techniques that deal with upper and lower body mechanics of shooting on the run and with time and room shooting for all players. We also work on the proper form for effective and deceptive feeding and shooting: this involves using your eyes, head and shoulders to hold and freeze goalies and defensemen. We will work on moving without the ball, ways to identify where the best passing lanes will be, and anticipating the ball carrier’s movement to get in a better area to be an outlet or in position to shoot. We will stress the importance of having soft hands, “catching the ball deep” and getting rid of unnecessary cradling when a player is in possession of the ball.

Defensively we will work on footwork, toolbox develomental checks that we encourage players to utilize, off-ball principles and teaching how to properly bump and hit players when defending. 

Goalies will be lead by goalie specific coaches that will cover stance, hand placement, hand eye coordination and communication.

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